Friday, September 02, 2005

Word to Jennifer Azzi

I thought I saw her an hour ago - in brooklyn of all places. well, park slope, so the odds are really not that long.

Of course, I see her and I am just staring, because Jennifer Azzi is very distinctive looking - attractive, but really unique. If you think you see her, you must be, since few people look like her, with the jaw and the high level of fitness.

so she looks right me at seems to recognize me for a half-second, which is very funny because 10 years ago in college i walked by her and said something silly. she was playing for team usa which was on an exhibition tour of colleges, including i think i said "go uSA, but stanford sucks"....I forgot. I was really immature then.

anyhow, i remembered her being west coast based in the wnba, so i'm thinking there would be no reason she would be in park slope. but sure enough, she was scheduled to be on ESPN2's cold pizza this morning, so that puts her in NYC. an official sighting !


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