Monday, August 15, 2005

OK, I'll try this....

Time to come clean...basically, the whole Moe Golden thing is a pseudonym taken from a hero of mine, Woody Allen...I've been using it for years online. google it - it's all me. Except those posts on the gay nazi porn sites, that's someone else.

The origins of 'Moe Golden'...In the recent book about Saturday Night Live by Tom Shales and James Miller, it mentions how in the dark years of Jean Doumanian, (she supposedly didn't have a clue what she was doing other than finding Eddie Murphy, which is the one thing that she and Dick Ebersol have always been credited with)....

Anyhow, the reputedly clueless Doumanian would constantly receive phone calls directly to the control room. It would always be something like, [said in a Woody Allen voice] "Hello, is Jean there?"...."It's Moe Golden."

No one ever called him out on it, they would all chuckle at Woody's half-assed attempt to try and keep himself in the background by creating a pseudonym but everyone there remembers it was Woody Allen. So here's a fake name that a famous guy used for an uncertain period of time, and only a handful of people have any ideas of the story.

So that's why I use it every here and there. Because it's more interesting than my real name, and I am less likely to get fired for making internet posts during work. Not hilarious, but worth a chuckle.


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