Thursday, August 04, 2005

Cliches of overcompensatingly hip bloggers

Signs you're overcompensating to be such a hip writer, (and you still suck)*

- Discussing irony with irony
- Using 'fashionista' as a serious noun
- Using 'natch', 'totally'
- Saying 'Yes Virginia...' (what the Hell is that from anyway?)
- Being sure to include your ethnic sounding middle-name (i.e. 'Safran')
- Using a number as your middle name
- You know 10 people named 'Jonathan', and they all refuse to shorten it, even among friends
- Using 'Schadenfreud' as often as possible
- Using 'Zeitgeist' as often as possible
- Using 'raisons d'ĂȘtre' repeatedly
- Pointing out service journalism when it's your meal ticket
- You know who Greg Lindsay is
- You are Greg Lindsay and you pretend you can afford his clothes on a freelancer's pay ("Thanks, dad" or "Thanks, amateur night at the ManHole")
- You are more likely to hire anyone after seeing their name dropped on a friend's blog
- Adding '-Gate' suffix to any scandal moments after its initial revelation
- You actually appreciated the constant, disruptive use of 'Columbia J-School young-un' in Joyce Wadler's old NYT Boldface Names column
- You constantly point out things through superfluous lists
- You feature the ironic self-reflective barb as a final item

*(disclaimer: I still find Jessica Coen attractive)


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