Saturday, July 16, 2005

My relationship with Drudge

True Story...Five years ago I wrote a 30-page thesis in journalism school about how the Drudge Report had directly impacted the news cycle - it was actually a pretty novel thought at the time. Two professors loved it (as I submitted it to both of them for different courses - unprofessional, yes but it was relevant to both classes)... I am no ass-kisser, so the project was an even-handed look at several specific instances when Drudge and his site (and it's lack of deadlines and traditional fact-checking standards) directly impacted a mainstream outlet's approach of the same story.

So for the heck of it I email it to Drudge himself with the subject line of "DRUDGE THESIS" - I told him I got an A too. He responds within a day....

""No wonder you got an A. It was shit. The kind professors like. Lots of errors regarding Sidney Blumenthal's attacks on me. That said, you will do fine in this profession you're so interested in.

Class dismissed!


Obviously, fast forward to Wonkette and this blog revolution a few years later and this stuff has clearly proven me a genius.


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Go get 'em tiger!!!

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